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The Benefits of Fee-Based Services

At Horizon Investment Group, our primary compensation method is fee-based. Fee-based means our compensation is based on a set percentage of a client’s invested assets, as opposed to receiving a commission. We believe this offers a number of benefits to our clients, including:

  • Regular, Personalized Communication
    Fee-based services rely on an ongoing relationship. We meet at least once a year to ensure your investment policy is on track towards its goals. You will also receive a regular quarterly performance report that illustrates your progress. This regular communication can help you gain confidence in our investment strategy.
  • Professional Guidance
    As an investor, you are flooded with information in the media and on the Internet that can help you make financial decisions. However, you likely don’t have the time to research each investment strategy and product to determine whether or not it’s appropriate for your situation and needs. By monitoring your portfolios and conducting ongoing research, we seek to help you feel more comfortable knowing your money is being professionally managed.
  • Greater Transparency
    In today’s economic climate, transparency is a key factor in consumer confidence. When compared to commission-based services, fee-based services are much more transparent. Advisory fees are a fixed percentage of a client’s accounts’ values and are clearly displayed in the quarterly performance reports.
  • A Disciplined Approach
    Markets inevitably rise and fall, and trying to time the market can be difficult and costly. Following an investment policy helps to institute a methodical, disciplined approach to investing that can strike a balance between risk and reward.
  • A Mutual Incentive
    Our compensation as investment adviser representatives is a fixed percentage of your accounts’ values. This means that the performance of your advisory accounts is directly proportional to the fees we collect. We are genuinely motivated to grow your portfolio and preserve your wealth.
  • Potential Tax Benefits
    Fees for advisory accounts are potentially deductible against your federal income taxes, which could translate into savings. Speak with your tax professional for more details.

Are Fee-Based Services Right for You?

If you trade infrequently, you may be concerned that fee-based services could cost more than commission-based services. While it’s important to consider trading costs, you should also weigh the advantages of working with us, investment adviser representatives. We may provide knowledge that can better position your portfolio for accumulation, preservation, and distribution of wealth, providing you with a better chance of achieving your financial goals.